Why Us?  Why Moringa?


So most of our friends think we are crazy, …. traveling to the Philippines and helping kids halfway around the world when we have our own kids to care for. Not to mention that there are plenty of kids here in the United States that need help. We get it. But, one trip with Watts of Love (www.wattsoflove.org) to one of the most remote islands in the world, will change you.

We started Farmacologie because it was where we found our passion. Energetic about the possibility that we could actually make a change in the world, albeit to a very small part of the world known to only a small handful of people in the Philippines. Moringa was a natural resource, growing wild on this island, but underutilized. Once we discovered the multitude of nutritional, therapeutic and world-changing benefits of this miracle tree, we thought, why hadn’t we heard of moringa before? And how can more people benefit from it?

And then we started thinking bigger. Why not start a farm and create livelihood programs? Why not educate people on the benefits of Moringa? Why not show them that a few grams of Moringa every day could make a big difference in their lives. And when our volunteer pediatrician remarked at how much energy the kids in our feeding program had after eating Moringa, it stuck. We were energized, the kids were energized, we created Farmacologie.

But the bigger question was what could they do with this energy? We want these kids to take that energy and thrive and have meaningful, productive lives. Hence, we also formed the not-for-profit, Energy2Thrive ( www.energy2thrive.org). Our mission is to not only feed hungry children, but to educate families in need on the nutritional and medicinal benefits of Moringa and other indigenous plants, and to take that energy and turn it into productive lives.

We want you to do the same. Take this positive energy and turn it into something good, something even bigger and better than us.


A look at our feeding program