Why Our Moringa is Better

Moringa has been called “one of the most valuable plants” and a “supermarket on a trunk” by the National Research Council, “Mighty” by National Geographic, and deserving of a “place in the home pharmacy by Chris Kilham, the “Medicine Hunter.” A vast number of uses have been attributed to the Moringa plant, including its use as a food, medicine, animal feed, industrial uses, edible oil, biofuel, and water purifier, leading many to call it a “Miracle Tree.”Moringa is one of the world’s most nutritious plants, containing a wide variety of macro and micronutrients. Moringa leaves contain more protein than whole milk, more iron than spinach, more vitamin C than oranges and more calcium than whole milk. It also contains amazing phytonutrients, including powerful antioxidants and anti-cancer compounds that have caught the interest of prestigious research institutes.


Why Our Moringa is the Right Choice for You!

Our Moringa is 100% USDA certified organic from an FDA-registered farm in the Philippines. Choosing organic foods and dietary supplements reduces your risk of exposure to toxic pesticides and is also environmentally responsible decision. Our Moringa is also non-GMO. Our farmers work hard to ensure organic, sustainable farming practices.

100% Pure Moringa

No fillers added

Many Moringa products in the market today contain fillers, such as silica, vegetable stearate, magnesium stearate, artificial colors or magnesium stearate. Farmacologie product do not contain any fillers. It is pure Moringa!

Our Moringa is dried in a high-heat, rapid process with a minimal amount of impact on the vitamins and minerals in the plant. It has been demonstrated that various drying techniques, like sun drying, can substantially lower the nutritional value of Moringa. The quality of our Moringa, as other ingredients, is our number one priority.


With each purchase of every bottle, you provide a meal for a child. Visit our Energy2Thrive page by clicking HERE. We are dedicated to supporting the farming of indigenous, nutritional and medicinal plants, primarily to aid in the cessation of childhood hunger, but also to educate and empower those to improve nutrition, livelihood and social challenges.

Join Our Fight!

We have traveled to the Philippines multiple times to research the benefits of Moringa and in turn have helped fight the plague of malnourishment in the Philippines that millions of kids are subject to. We are fighting to stamp out this problem and are asking others to join our fight! Visit our Energy2Thrive page for information on how you can help join our fight!